Dear students, friends, and visitors,

I'm over-the-moon excited to share that five Art Academia students were hand selected to compete in the prestigious National K-12 Ceramics Exhibition, which showcases the best ceramics work made in the country each year.

Huge congratulations to Jamie, Lae, Daniella, Rhea, and Ayla who's works will be recognized and judged by renowned ceramic artist Pete Pinnell at this year's event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They stood out as top contenders from over 1200 entries across 178 art schools around the country.

We are also proud of all our students who submitted their pieces for consideration, thank you for participating and showcasing your art. Putting yourself out there for people to view and critique your work, is the true mark of a budding artist. Art Academia will participate again next year, so keep creating great pieces you'll be proud to show off!

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to personally thank Marina Smelik our incredible ceramics instructor for all her hard work. She puts so much of her talent, energy, and passion for art into all of our students - this accomplishment is a testament to all her efforts. We all so happy and fortunate to have such a fantastic instructor.

Thank you Marina, and congratulations to all Art Academia students - we are all so proud!

Inna Polnar
Art Instructor/Owner

1. "Carrot Fashion", Daniella T.  15 y/o.   2. "Happy Cow", Ayla S. 15 y/o.   3. "Leader" Lane A, 13 y/o.
4. "Nimble Fish", Rhea J. 13 y/o.   5. "Bowl Cherry", Jamie C, 17 y/o.

AuthorYury Polnar