It may be chilly outside, but the memories from 2015 could not be warmer. Join us in taking a brief look back at some of our top events and highlights that made this year so special.






Ceramics is on fire

Thanks to Marina Smelik's masterful vision and instruction, our ceramics program reached new heights this year. Our students transformed globs of clay into exquisite bowls, cups, plates, and figurines. And using our new line-up of advanced glazes and our trusty kiln, they created vibrantly eye catching art.


Summer art camp shines

This year, we had our most exciting summer art camp ever. Students painted outside in the sunshine, worked with ceramics, built puppets, and made 3-D art. Our field trips to San Mateo's Central Park and other Bay Area locations served as amazing backdrops for all the new friendships, laughs, and fun we had. Stay tuned for details about our 2016 art camp.

Students sparkle at art exhibits 

Among several other exhibits, our students were invited to showcase their art at the San Mateo Arboretum Society in Central Park. On display were many of the flower and natured inspired paintings that were created this year - and the rose garden at the Arboretum was the perfect backdrop. This was a fantastic opportunity for our aspiring artists to show their work in their community. We plan on doing many more of these exhibits in 2016, and we hope you'll join if you didn't get a chance this year. 

Master series workshops launch 

Art Academia was honored to host world-renowned Australian artist Colley Whisson for a 4 day workshop where he conducted daily demonstrations and taught fundamentals needed to produce paintings with powerful light effects, loose brushwork, and sensitivity to the subject. In 2016, we are thrilled to welcome Colley Whisson back to Art Academia, and are bringing Slava Korolenkov from Russia to teach two additional master series workshops - learn about our 2016 workshops and register.


Thank you to all of our amazingly talented students, their supportive parents and guardians, and of course our passionate staff - each of you helped make 2015 a truly remarkable year. We wish you a warm, prosperous, and art filled 2016.

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Happy holidays!

AuthorYury Polnar