Hand-Build Ceramics for Beginners (Adult workshop)

September 18-November 20, 2019. Adults only

In this 3 month workshop, students will be introduced to 3 primary handbuilding techniques (including Pinch pot, Slab, and Coiling), along with surface decorating techniques including Glazing, Majolica, Sgraffito, and Mishima. Students will experience small class sizes and instructor led step-by-step demonstrations by our very own ceramics expert, Marina Smelik. By the end of the course, each student will have completed and can take home 4-5 ceramic pieces they’ll be proud to put on full display.

  • 10 Wednesday sessions

  • April 3 - June 5

  • 7:00pm - 9:00pm

  • $480 (includes material & firing fees)

  • 6-8 person class size

  • Adult students only

  • Instructor: Marina Smelik

Projects we’ll be doing in this workshop:

  1. Pinch Technique

    Cup or bowl:
    In your first project, you’ll learn the basic pinch pot technique to make a round bowl or cup. After bisque firing, you’ll be able to glaze your creation using food-safe glazes.

    Building on your newfound pinch technique knowledge, your second project will draw on natural forms to make a decorative seedpod. Let your imagination run wild in creating the design of your own choosing. After bisque firing, you’ll be able to glaze your creation using food-safe glazes.

  2. Soft Slab Technique

    Your third project will introduce you to soft slab construction and shape molding, allowing you to make a functional or decorative bowl on an elegant pedestal foot. You will then use a coiling technique to decorate the outside surfaces of your creation. After bisque firing, you will apply majolica (Italian tin glaze) and underglazes.

  3. Coil Technique

    Your fourth project will have you look over historical or contemporary vessel shapes to inspire you to create a vase, pitcher, or sculpture using the coil technique. Then, you will use the sgraffito technique to decorate your piece. After bisque firing, you will apply a clear glaze to capture the natural beauty of your creation.

  4. Rigid Slab Technique

    Candle holder:
    Time permitting, you will may have the opportunity to create a fifth and final project - a beautiful candle holder using rigid slab construction. Decorating your piece will include tracing a design and texture using impression stamping. After bisque firing, celadon glaze or mishima surface decoration will put the final touches on your fully functional candle holder.