Tuition, Policy and Registration


•  Classes are ongoing and tuition is due on the first lesson of each month.
 $40 for each 2hr class
•  $25 for each 1hr class
•  $35 for each 1.5 class
•  $10 monthly materials and firing fee
•  ‘Try-it out’ classes ($30 1hr, $40 1.5hr, $45 2hr). All materials included.

Registration Fee
 $25 one time registration fee
•  2 class tuition fee collected as security deposit (applied to last 2 weeks of enrollment and/or policy violations

Referral Incentive Programs

•  $50 class credits granted for each new student referral
(referral must enroll for 2 months minimum).

Late/ Fees
•  $25 late fee for any payments received after the 15th day of month due
•  $50 service charge for any returned or bounced checks.

Class Make-Ups
•  24-hour advance email notification required for “make-up” class to be granted. If advance notification is not received, student’s tuition is forfeited for that class. Sorry, no exceptions.

ake-up class could be taken within (4) four weeks before or after misses class.


Missed Classes _______ (initial)

 Missed classes cannot be deducted from tuition or pro-rated for the next month's tuition. There will be no refunds for missed classes.


Temporary Class Cancellation* _______ (initial)

•  Temporary cancellation requires a 50% of the tuition per missed class to guarantee the student's seat upon return. This payment will be applied towards future tuition payment once student returns to class.

•  Notifications must be received at least 2 weeks in advance or security deposit will be forfeited.

•  Temporary cancellations applicable only for 3 or more missed classes

•  Please use the temporary class cancellation form to notify Art Academia

Class Withdrawal _______ (initial)

•  Upon enrollment, your space is reserved until a written notice of withdrawal is received.

•  Notifications must be received at least 2 weeks in advance or security deposit will be forfeited.


Media Outreach Program _______ (initial)

•  Art Academia never sells any student information to third-parties.

•  Art Academia reserves the right to photograph, film and/or write about students and their work

•  If you prefer not to be included in the Art Academia Media Outreach Program, please send a written opt-out notification to or bring a printed note to class.