Alexandra Munoz (age 15) worked diligently and tirelessly to create this wonderfully touching portrait for her grandmother's birthday. Not only did Alexandra showcase her advanced artistic skills with this piece, but she masterfully conveyed the love and affection she so clearly has for her family. For all of this, she is truly deserving of Art Academia's first ever Student of the Month Award - congrats Alexandra!

To hear more about this beautiful portrait, here are a few words from Alexandra and her mother:

I painted this portrait of my grandmother around her 82nd birthday and ended up giving it to her as a Christmas present. I wanted this painting not only to reflect my beautiful grandmother, but the legacy she left: her grandchildren. She has done nothing but care for us since each of us was born. I painted this as a way to say thank you to her for everything she has done for us. Inna guided me throughout this entire process, from the first idea to the final product. She helped me take a simple idea, and turn it into this piece of art.
— Alexandra Munoz (Age 15)
When I saw the painting of my mother, done by my daughter I was touched. I was touched by the way she was able to capture all the feelings we feel for my mother. She showed the love and happiness my mother feels for her grandchildren. I was truly amazed with what my daughter could capture with paint. She made sure the memory of my mother will always last.
— Alexandra's Mother
AuthorInna Polnar