A few weeks ago, we found an old stuffed goose at a local shop and thought it would be a great way to teach our students about avian anatomy and landscape drawing essentials.  

After studying and discussing this bird in great detail, each student was tasked with bringing this goose to life in an imaginary setting of their choosing. Using watercolor and acrylic, each student practiced essential landscape principles including perspective and depth. 

Without stepping foot outside of our studio, each student was able to encounter and tackle real life challenges facing artists whenever they try to depict our three dimensional world. As you enjoy the finished works below, pay particular attention to how our 7 to 14 year old students use color, light, and shadow to depict realistic landscape drawings featuring this goose. Fantastic work everyone!

Alexis 10 y/o. Acrylic. 16x20

Nicole. 10 y/o. Watercolor.

Amy 12 y/o. Acrylic. 16x20

Julia 7 y/o. Acrylic.

Winnie. 10 y/o. Watercolor.

Douglas 14 y/o. Acrylic. 16x20.

Vallery 11 y/o. Acrylic.

Charlotte 8 y/o. acrylic. 14x18

Sharanya. 11 y/o. Acrylic.

AuthorInna Polnar