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About Professor Boris I. Kokhno

Born in Russia in 1935, Mr. Boris I. Kokhno is an artist, architect,
professor and PHD of art and architecture.

Professor Kokhno has been teaching at the St. Petersburg
for more than 35 years. He has participated in numerous
art shows and art competitions throughout Russia and Europe.
Professor Kokhno is also a well respected judge representing the
St. Petersburg Art Academy.

Boris Kokhno's Resume:
1. 1946-1951. Children's Art School, St-Petersburg
2. 1951-1956. Art College, Saint-Petersburg
3. 1959-1965. Repin St. Petersburg State Academy, St-Petersburg
4. 1967-1970. Masters Program. Repin St. Petersburg Academy
5. 1976-1977. Visiting Professor at University of California Berkeley
6. 1990-2002. Vice-Rector of Repin St. Petersburg State Academy
7. 1969-Present. Instructor of Repin St. Petersburg State Academy

Boris I. Kokhno has visited Germany, France, England, Czech
Republic, Bulgaria, Mexico and South Korea on behalf of the
Russian Academy of Art in Saint-Petersburg.